Let’s face it, getting up in the mornings can be pretty difficult for some, and it’s safe to say that not many people look forward to waking up in the early morning especially when it’s for work or school. However what if waking up became a game of sorts where you could compete against people around the world? That might make the experience a little more rewarding, and that’s what the Wake-up Club for the Sony PlayStation Vita is about. Unlike regular alarm clocks that makes you want to grab the device and chuck it out the window, Wake-up Club has been dubbed as a social alarm clock where upon you waking up and checking the app on your PS Vita, you will be able to see other players around the world who have woken up at the same time as you, and you can even add them as your friend and get to know each other! For those who love high scores, the game will also feature a scoreboard where you will be able to keep track of how often you wake up on time. Interesting idea, huh?

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