“As safe as a bank” might not be a phrase that you would want to use anytime soon, especially after you hear of thieves who managed to tunnel their way into a bank in Berlin earlier in the week. According to police who investigated the scene, this particularly sophisticated tunnel would have more or less taken months to burrow out with the help and assistance of heavy machinery, but the strange thing was, not one person noticed until, well, it was too late.

The entire tunnel measured nearly 45 meters in length, where heavy machinery was used to drill through concrete wall before the thieves painstakingly dug through sand and dirt. In fact, the underground tunnel was stabilized with beams and supports, where it began from a rented garage at a parking lot and went all the way to the bank. The loss is still being calculated by the loss by police, who are also doing their best to search for DNA and fingerprints.

Now, what does this have to do with Ubergizmo? Well, I am quite sure that they must have had quite a fair share of gizmos and gadgets that would make even Batman envious. Heck, this whole idea is starting to sound a whole lot like how Bane managed to burrow his way to right under Batman’s secret armory, even though Lucius Fox has already declared that it is “off the books”. This just goes to show that nothing is impossible, and were the thieves inspired by Bane? More like driven by greed. Just what kind of gizmos do you think that they had on hand?

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