Do you love solving puzzles? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would surely not pass by the chance of picking up the Varacil Mechanical Pencil Plastic Puzzle Kit. The name of this writing instrument itself gives the game away, and it is not something we would recommend you bring to the exam hall if you know that the amount of time allocated is just enough to figure out all the questions and to go through the answers but once. After all, the Varacil is a unique device that you are required to assemble yourself before using.

Yes, that is correct, the Varacil resembles more towards a plastic model kit with all of its different parts which must be removed from a plastic case, to be pieced together one by one correctly before you start to write, draw or underline notes in your textbooks with it. Comprising of 22 detachable parts, it should take approximately less than an hour for those who are well versed with completing plastic models. Definitely fun to say the least, at after conversion, it retails for a mere $10.90 a pop which should make for a fine gift!

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