[CES 2013] In this day and age, whenever you go traveling, you would surely pack a plethora of chargers to accompany your luggage. The reason behind this is, there are so many gizmos that we cannot live without, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that it needs to remain juiced up wherever we are. Ventev intends to make a splash at CES this year by releasing a bunch of strikingly designed universal chargers, and they are able to power just about any mobile device regardless of the brand or type. It does not matter if the Ventev universal charger is facing up against a tablet, e-reader, Android powered device, iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry, it will still be able to get the job done. Ventev offers stylish wall and car chargers which can handle them all either singly or two at a time. Well, another advantage of having Ventev universal chargers around would be this – they do not have this issue known as “vampire power”, so even when plugged in, there is no reason to fret that they will continue to cost you money in the bank.

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