[CES 2013] As advanced as our television watching has become recently, one thing cable companies are still lagging behind on is their cable box features. Not every company has something as awesome as Dish Network’s Hopper, and that’s a shame as we all have experienced the torture that is having your DVR notifying you two shows are about to be recorded while you’re watching something really good.

Verizon FiOS is teaming up with Motorola to make a new DVR, called the VMS1100 Media Server, available to its customers later this year that may just be the ultimate DVR. First off, it has one terabyte of hard drive space which means you’ll be able to store up to 100 hours of HD programming. You’ll also be able to use it to watch TV from five separate TVs, record up to six programs at once as well as being able to perform better than previous generation DVRs.

The only downside is you’ll need additional set-top boxes in order to use the media server in additional rooms, which are called the IPC1100 IP-based set-top, which just means that’s more money a month you’ll be throwing at Verizon for rental fees.

So if you could afford all of the extra rental fees for the new Media Server and additional set-top boxes in your home, this new addition may be worth it.

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