I am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the concept of approaching the masses or a particular community to come up with a best working solution that is affecting said folks, and Volvo is no different here, having taken the global crowdsourcing approach when it comes to developing a new app for your smartphone known as Volvo on Call. Basically, Volvo on Call is meant to make your everyday life a whole lot simpler and more fun.

The updated app will comprise of several new features to make life less complicated whenever you are behind the wheel of a Volvo while owning a smartphone, and the Swedish vehicle manufacturer has stepped up to the plate to enlist the help of all and sundry to contribute their ideas in making the Volvo On Call app even better. We do hope that Volvo succeeds in this mission, as everyone would benefit in the end. Here is your chance to share your thoughts and help Volvo’s app that is available at the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Market be even better.

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