We’ve seen many people attempt to recreate Mario Kart in real life. This comes in the form of players dressing up like the characters in Mario Kart and then racing these carts around a course, or where Mario Karts are actually recreated in real life, at least in terms of looks. Well now thanks to the folks at Waterloo Labs, it looks like they might have taken real life Mario Kart to a whole new level by making use of technology to actually replicate certain aspects of the game. Players of Mario Kart might be familiar with the various power ups and weapons that are at their disposal within the game, and Waterloo Labs has attempted to recreate that by attaching launchers on their karts which can be used to fire off “shells”, which thanks to the embedded RFID chip will allow the vehicle to react accordingly. It’s a pretty awesome idea and if you want to hear a more detailed explanation or see Waterloo Labs’ Mario Karts in action, check out the video above.

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