Weatherman Draws Complete Forecast Due To Computer Trouble

We know in your workplace, computers are as important as the coffee machine. We conduct a lot of our business on computers, and when they go down, we’re often left either twiddling our thumbs or playing games on our smartphones while we wait for them to come back up again. When computers go down at news stations, it’s a different story since the news never stops.

Andrew Kozak is a weatherman from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s KTUL-TV who was experiencing issues with his computer just moments before his scheduled weather update. Instead of telling his fellow anchors he would be unable to give Tulsa and its surrounding cities the weather update they’ve been waiting for, he took matters into his own hands and gave them quite the unique weather forecast that we’re sure they won’t soon forget.

Kozak literally drew out the entire segment one pieces of paper, even going as far as drawing out the complete 8-day planner and even remembering to include the sponsor’s logo at the top-right of the forecast. After watching him deliver his forecast in a cool and calm manner, we can’t help but think he deserves some kind of raise after his amazing hand-crafted segment.

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