Wii U Miiverse Coming To Mobile This Spring

There’s a lot of Nintendo news to cover this morning thanks to their Nintendo Direct streaming video that aired just a few moments ago. During the video stream, they announced some new games, the return of old games and they also announced some upcoming improvements to the Wii U’s Miiverse social network.

One of the first features that was announced this morning was its Miiverse will be finally making its way to mobile phones in the form of dedicated applications sometime in 2013. Before the dedicated applications, NIntendo will allow for a browser-based experience, but ultimately the company plans to create dedicated applications for you to keep tabs on Miiverse while you’re away from your Wii U.

Additional updates were also announced, but not much detail was given as we can expected user-created communities, additional communities per title and a more advanced filtering system will also be implemented.

No definite release date was given for any of the Miiverse updates mentioned during the Nintendo Direct streaming video, but seeing how many of the other planned improvements to the console are planned in the spring and summer, it’d be safe to say we should expect some of these improvements to start showing up during the first half of 2013.

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