You know those fancy looking vacuum cleaners that go around like the mouse robot on the Death Star, albeit at a far more sluggish rate? Well, it seems that the automated vacuum cleaner has just received an evolutionary upgrade, where it will now be able to traverse the windows of the building in the form of the Winbot 7. No, this is not some sort of robot that is powered by the Windows operating system, so don’t ask us why and how did it end up with such a name.

Winbot 7 relies on a dual suction system which ensures that it remains stuck to the vertical glass sheet quite like Spider-Man. I guess you would say that this is a vertical version of the Roomba, except that it comes with a three-stage cleaning system that is meant to clean glass surfaces, sporting a wet pad, a squeegee and a drying cloth. Definitely a whole lot safer than putting a human there, but is the suction capability of the Winbot 7 powerful enough to ensure it remains there? Expect the Winbot 7 to retail anywhere between $300 to $400 from this summer onwards.

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