One of my absolute favorite RPGs in 2012 that don’t rhyme with “Skyrim” has got to be The Witcher 2. If you enjoyed that game too, then it’s you’re right as a gamer to know the team behind the game, CD Projekt RED, are working on a new RPG based and are promising to stay true to the cyberpunk genre.


A new CG-only trailer was released today showing some sweet visuals as well as a soundtrack that I immediately downloaded after I watched the video. Cyberpunk 2077 will be an M-rated title that takes place in a future metropolis known as Night City. The streets will be filled with psychos and junkies that are addicted to a new form of entertainment known as “the braindance.”

Braindances are digital recordings of the experiences of a person which can be streamed into a person’s neural system via a special augmentation. Its users experiences everything within the braindance which includes emotions, muscles movements and all other forms of stimuli housed within the recording.

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