Heads up bloggers, we know that there are times when you have a cool idea you want to share on your blog but don’t have a computer with you, and sometimes it’s because of these situations that leads to us losing what could have been a great story. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, blogging on the go is possible and if you were planning on picking up a Blackberry 10 device, you might be interested to learn that a preview of the WordPress app for Blackberry 10 has been released on video (thanks to Simon at Crackberry), giving us a glimpse at what we might be able to expect. For the most part the app will do the most basic blogging functions, such as creating a new post, add tags, photos and the likes, and it even makes use of the Blackberry 10 cascades UI to top it off. Awhile back RIM mentioned that they planned to have 70,000 apps for Blackberry 10 at launch, and it looks like WordPress will be one of the big names – at least as far as bloggers are concerned. In any case check out the video above to see WordPress in action on Blackberry 10.

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