XBMC for Android has just rolled out, which took several months of hard work to complete. This version of XBMC for Android ought to be fully functional on just about any Android-powered device out there without running into any issues, where it is jam packed with plenty of cool features which make XBMC far more than just a regular media center, but instead, will be positioned as a media platform that delivers the complete online streaming experience to an easy to navigate system on your Android mobile phone, tablet or set top box.

Needless to say, the XBMC for Android will come with its fair share of improvements, and although there is still no support for hardware accelerated video decoding on a majority of devices, this version has been customized to use an external video player so that it can deliver the full hardware accelerated video decoding that is required to enjoy XBMC fully, and who knows, the end user might actually consider it to be the primary entertainment tool at home? Well, are you going to give XBMC for Android a go or not?

Update: Just to clear up any confusion as to issues of misleading folks, here is what Nathan, XBMC Project Manager had to say in an email when we contacted him.

As far as we understand it, if you are talking about the XBMCAndroid.com release, it’s not so much the case of wanting to deceive users as wanting to create interest in a unconnected fan site and work done on making an alternate version that uses an external player. The official XBMC.org team only makes releases that use an internal player to satisfy our KISS principle (and also because we prefer having control over the player aspect, as well as every other part of XBMC to ensure things work the way we intend). We’ve already spoken with XBMCAndroid, and they’ve agreed to include a disclaimer from now on indicating that everything they do is not connected with official XBMC, Team XBMC, or XBMC Foundation work.

We hope that this would help make things less muddled up!

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