So, the advent of 3D printers making its way to the homes of the ordinary Joe is well on its way, but how else will 3D printing change the way the future looks like? Softkill Design has an idea, where this particular team of designers and architects are working together on a plan to construct a 3D printed house. It would be interesting to see just how such a piece of engineering work will pan out in the future, as this is definitely a paradigm shift compared to current construction techniques. Softkill Design claims that they are different from the competition due to the kind of speed that they can achieve from start to finish, touting a 3D printed building being completed from scratch in a matter of just a single day – instead of the normal three weeks turnaround time.

In fact, the single-story Protohouse 2.0 will be printed in a factory, where it will then be moved in parts to the building site via vans, followed by snapping the relevant pieces into place, without having to bolt, screw or weld any single bit of the “house”. Sounds like a dream, and countries that tend to suffer from earthquakes or other natural disasters that destroy homes will definitely find future versions of the Protohouse useful in rebuilding efforts.

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