How many ways can Rovio think of when it comes to milking their Angry Birds franchise for all it is worth? We have had a slew of merchandise, apart from theme parks and heck, even some Angry Birds inspired cakes that I have seen in bakeries so far. Why not come up with a cartoon? That’ll be fun, and the next thing you know, Rovio might even tie up with Lego to produce a Lego cartoon of Angry Birds, but that is just my imagination talking. Right now, what is concrete would be an Angry Birds cartoon that will depict what goes on at the heart of Piggy Island, and this cartoon will debut this coming March 16.

It was last April when Rovio dropped hints of churning out an animated TV series for Angry Birds, and it seems that this particular thought has finally turned into reality. It is said that the entire first season will comprise of 52 episodes (for the whole year, no doubt about it) with a running time of approximately 3 minutes each. Will a 3-minute clip be interrupted by dreaded ads? Only time will tell.

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