Apple Might Return $5 Credit To Victims Of Bait AppsWe are all extremely familiar with the fact that Apple is a company which sits atop a pile of cash – an amazing pile, I might add, and hence it would not be too much to ask of them to give some cash back to those who fell prey to “bait apps”, and this is exactly what Apple has done as part of their corporate responsibility, giving a $5 credit to parents who were victimized by the aforementioned “bait apps”. Basically, parents whose kids spent their money in purchasing virtual goods for actual money in “free” apps (there is another term for that – “freemium”) will be on the receiving end of a refund down the road, assuming a judge approves a settlement that was filed filed in a class-action lawsuit.

The payments will happen sometime next year even if it is approved, where the settlement enables a credit or refund for any adult user who had a minor purchase “game currency” (virtual goods) using the adult’s account without obtaining prior permission.

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