We’ve seen Apple patents throughout the years, with a number of them suggesting the company may be working on an iWatch as well as a number of improvements to its iOS devices. A new patent published today could hint at a future where your iPhone could predict how to handle itself without any input from the user.

One of Apple’s patents called “Electronic device with automatic mode switching” suggests the company has come up with a way for their devices to carry out specific tasks based on a number of different conditions. The device could detect external noises, time of day, lighting conditions and temperatures to then act accordingly by using embedded sensors.

The most obvious Apple device that could use something like this would be their iPhone as Microsoft filed a similar patent last month that would allow for Windows Phone devices to enter an “inconspicuous mode” depending on its location. If Apple implements this kind of technology in their mobile devices, it could certainly make their devices much smarter as they automatically adjust to multiple situations in a person’s life, rather than the person having to adjust their phone on a regular basis.

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