AT&T Offers LTE Connectivity To GM Cars

Your vehicle is not going to remain a mere ride to get you from point A to point B any more, as more and more additions have been made to it so that it will end up being a decent portable entertainment capsule, with wheels, of course. Not only that, since most of us tend to be hooked to the Internet these days, then here is news for folks in the US that you have been waiting for – for a long, long time, I might add. AT&T has just announced that they will be offering LTE connectivity to millions of cars from GM, where these will include rides from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

The LTE rollout will affect 2015 models that are due to be released in the US and Canada next year, where a range of services such as safety, diagnostics, and infotainment will be part of this new initiative. It is said that AT&T will be “working on every aspect of what’s going into the vehicle,” where among them include opening up SDKs and APIs so that developers are able to work on “futureproofing” the car in years to come. We do wonder when will the rest of the world catch on, and humanity seems to be on the way to be social only via electronic devices, relegating the art of face-to-face conversation to a distant past.

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