BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10 launch event that occurred a few weeks back didn’t have that many head-scratching moments, in fact, we think the only time a moment like that occurred was when Alicia Keys was announced to be the company’s official creative director. It looks like that comfy new position may be open in the very near future as Keys was caught using a device that wasn’t a BlackBerry 10 device yesterday.

Yesterday morning, Keys sent out a tweet saying “Started from the bottom now were here!” which aside from its grammatical errors, is a nice enough message. The problem is she sent out that tweet from the Twitter for iPhone application even though she’s reportedly has said she will be BlackBerry 10 exclusive from now on.

If that wasn’t enough to scratch your head over, Keys later deleted the tweet and blamed the whole ordeal to some mysterious hacker who broke into her account just to send out a message from an iPhone. In other words, we feel Keys was caught using an iPhone, which shouldn’t matter. But when she’s getting paid by BlackBerry to promote their product, and has been quoted saying she will only use BlackBerry products, then we can’t help but feel Keys is being a bit hypocritical.

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