It seems that the unthinkable has happened – Burger King being bought over by McDonald’s. Well, stranger things have happened in the past, and just in case you were wondering whether this story is true, it isn’t. You will still be able to get hold of your Whoppers, don’t worry about that, as the official Burger King Twitter account was hacked, only to have an “announcement” made that Burger King had been sold lock, stock and barrel to McDonald’s, not hanks to persistent drug use among Burger King employees.

This bit of news earlier this morning would definitely have sent shockwaves through the fast food world, and again, a stern reminder is sent out to everyone to take good care of their online accounts, making sure that you have a strong password as the last line of defence against hackers. If you had such “talent” in hacking, just which fast food or F&B mash-up would you embroil yourself in? The sale of Coffee Bean to Starbucks?

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