Burglar Breaks $100k Glass Door To Steal $64k Of Goods At Apple StoreHmmm, Apple Stores do seem to be a rather decent robbery target as of late, considering how highly sought after Apple products are. Not only that, as Apple continues to churn out incredibly thin and light MacBooks (regardless of whether they are the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro), in addition to the highly desirable Apple iPhone, you can be sure that getting rid of stolen stock on the black market should net a successful Apple Store robbery some handsome cash. Well, apparently an Apple Store in Boulder, Colorado was robbed, being stripped of $64,000 worth of goods.

Unfortunately, the custom glass door that was broken using an old school method of throwing rocks at it proved to be more expensive than the booty that was stolen. In fact, the custom glass door at the Apple Store cost nearly $100,000, clearly making the damage nearly twice as costly than the merchandize carted away. Some of the Apple items stolen were MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. Why don’t they just steal the door the next time instead?

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