The closest thing we have come to a robot surgeon associated with the name “Da Vinci” was covered nearly four years back, but this time around, there s another surgical robotic system known as DaVinci which will be able to perform gallbladder surgery on a patient, and best of all is, it will leave virtually no scarring at all, and even better news, minimal pain. According to a general surgeon, Dr. Khurram Kahn, “The DaVinci System is basically controlling the instruments and the surgeon is sitting on a console away from the patient and controlling the robot.”

DaVinci might have been around for a number years, and the one we are referring to today is an improved version thanks to the recent advancements made in the field of robotic surgery. Apart from boasting more precise control over the instruments, the user will also have a stable platform to work with alongside 3D vision. In fact, it takes a single incision to get to the gallbladder, cutting down what used to be up to 8” long to a matter of 2cm, is worth a mention.

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