Remember our earlier story about how a meteorite actually crash landed in Russia, where this 10-ton behemoth injured around a thousand folks who least expected a meteor to drop down from the heavens? Well, they say that prevention is better than cure, so it makes absolute perfect sense to come up with a kind of defense system that hopefully, will be able to zap incoming meteors before they wreak their brand of havoc on earth. A couple of California scientists hope to have a solution with their solar power based proposal, where the concept will be called Directed Energy Solar Targeting of Asteroids and Exploration, or DE-STAR for short.

DE-STAR functions as an orbiting system which will channel solar power into a phased array of laser beams, and these laser beams will blast at the offending space rocks or meteor, pushing them in a different direction and away from danger of collision with vulnerable earthlings below. Something tells me that we might soon see a classic Counter Strike map known as DE_STAR to accompany the famous DE_DUST…

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