They say that there is no free lunch in the world, and perhaps that is true if everyone were to be straight as an arrow. Dead Space 3, a game that is extremely popular, seems to be suffering from an in-game exploit that allows cheaters to get hold of in-game items without having to fork out a single cent for it, virtual or otherwise. This particular “cheat” could eventually affect EA’s bottom line, considering how they have already introduced a system which will charge users cash should they want additional equipment.

Of course, there are some gamers who are far from happy with the in-game purchase model, considering how the title itself would have already burned a £40 hole in their pockets. EA is working on an update so that the “cheat” or exploit can no longer be used, and we do hope that this particular update would be released sooner rather than later. After all, this action horror 3rd person shooter title might horrify EA executives as gamers decide to leave the game in droves due to such an exploit.

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