Bungie and Activision have announced that Destiny will be made available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. However, hopes of all gamers who would have loved to play the game in 2013 have been quashed, and thought it’s not official yet, but the game will be released in 2014. Bungie and Activision did not immediately confirm if the game will be available for future consoles as well, but we do hope to see it on the newer generation Xbox and Playstation consoles.

The game has been designed with one feature: online gaming for both single player and multiplayer campaigns. That’s right, especially with the rumors of the Xbox 720 being an all online console; “Destiny” is all set to have the first person shooter single player campaigns run in an online environment.   You do not have to play co-op in all the missions, but all of them will need to be played online, as some of the other characters in the game will be human.

Very little information on the game itself is available. The game is rumored to be set in a distant future version of our solar system. The game does not have a single hero, instead there will be customizable “Guardians”.  We all wait to see if Bungie and Activision are through with the Halo franchise and ready to explore a new world.

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