DIY Dialysis Machine Kept Man Alive For Past 13 Years

Where there is a will, there definitely is a way. First world problems include ever rising costs in healthcare and medical treatment, which is why holding enough insurance policies are essential in making sure you have a safety net of sorts to fall back upon just in case the unexpected happens. Well, those who suffer from diseased kidneys can tell you that going for dialysis treatments can be quite disheartening, not to mention expensive – leading many who live in third world countries to simply skip that and wait for their time to leave the earth.

However, a man in China who had no money but plenty of spirit, grit, determination and knowledge decided to shake his fists at fate, and build his very own dialysis machine which he claims has kept his blood clean for the better part of the last 13 years, and in essence, ensuring he remains alive and kicking even until today. The DIY machine functions like that of an external kidney, where it is comprised of a couple of compartments that are then hooked up by a membrane. Blood will pump through one half of the machine, and the other half will see the dialysis fluid pumped through as well. Rather crude, but hey – it works just fine!

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