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DropTag Sensor Uses Bluetooth To Report Mishandling Of Packages

After the USPS announced it will be ceasing the delivery of mail on Saturdays this summer. we were relived to hear that only meant letters and not packages. We have a feeling there are going to be a few unhappy USPS employees who may accidentally drop your box on their foot as they’re attempting to kick a soccer ball at the same time, which could result in some serious damage to your package. If there was only a way for people to know if their packages have been banged up before they sign for it. Oh wait – there is.

Cambridge Consultants have come up with the DropTag, which is a tag that is attached to the outside of a package to detect a drop, kick, dropkick or any other violent motion and transfers that data via Bluetooth 4.0 to a mobile app.

The DropTag is powered by a battery similar to a watch’s that can power the device for a number of weeks, which makes it perfect for those super-slow shipping methods that help us save a couple of bucks. It’s also cheap enough to manufacture, costing only $2 in materials, which means shipping services could include them when items are being shipped out for an additional charge.

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