You read it correctly. Facebook is all set to roll out a brand new feature for promoting posts. Users can now pay to promote posts of their friends on Facebook.  The promoted post will have greater coverage, as it will be pushed to the top of the newsfeed.

To promote a post, click on the menu button on the top right corner of the post and click promote. Users can promote friends’ posts without any permission requests. However the promoted post will only be made visible to the people, with whom the original post was shared with. This is done so that privacy concerns do not become a problem. Also, users who have 5,000 friends or less in their profiles can subscribe to this feature.  Charges are $7 for promotions and varies by area and number of people the post can reach.

Facebook began testing the feature to pay for posts in October, when it rolled out the feature to pay for promoting your own posts at $7 per promotion.  This feature did not receive warm reaction. However the new feature might help people who actively promote charity events or fundraisers, or simply people who help their friends renting out their apartments.  Would you want to pay for promoting a friend’s post, or is it a backdoor to let people pay their friends to promote their own posts? What do you think?

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