Most of us tend to upload photos onto Facebook on a daily basis, whether it be photos of our food, or outings with friends and family. However have you noticed that while you might be uploading new photos consistently, how often do you actually go back and look at old photos that might have been uploaded say half a year ago? Personally I do go back to old photos once every few months just to reminisce, but having all those old photos sitting there just isn’t very efficient as far as managing data is concerned. This is why a report from the Oregonian has revealed that Facebook is supposedly gearing up to launch three new “cold storage” facilities at its Prineville, Oregon data centers.

Unlike Facebook’s typical servers which are always on, these servers will instead be on standby, making it perfect for older uploaded photos. Obviously there will be some downsides to putting photos in cold storage and slower access might be one of them, but the upside is that this would help lessen the amount of power Facebook’s servers would need to consume and manage data more efficiently which could help with loading times and performance. It’s hard to tell just how slow accessing these older photos might be, or if the drop in speed will be noticeable, but the report has suggested that the first server will be going live this Fall, so we guess will just have to wait to find out.

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