Fujifilm Delivers Bendable, Foldable, Roll up SpeakersWe have seen our fair share of bendable and flexible displays in the past, but here is something that you might want to consider to accompany your Samsung flexible display in the future – the bendable and foldable speakers which can roll-up from Fujifilm. Makes you wonder just what the heck is a company like Fujifilm who is more often than not associated with digital imaging products such as digital cameras.

Well, Fujifilm’s attempt in working on film which can function as the diaphragm (in other words, a vibrating plate) of a speaker, where they unveiled it at the Nano Tech 2013 trade show which will conclude today in Tokyo, Japan. The diaphragm has been dubbed as the “Beat” by Fujifilm, making it possible to churn out a speaker which can be bent and folded. At the trade show, the slim and retractable speaker was displayed, in addition to a speaker that is easily mistaken for a Japanese fan at first glance. We do wonder whether such speakers are fragile or not, and just how much will they cost when they enter production?

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