God of War fans, here is something for you to chew over – it seems that the single player demo of God Of War: Ascension is now available on PSN (PlayStation Network), which should be able to offer enough to tide you through all the way to March 12th, where the full game will be officially released. I guess parting might be such sweet sorrow, although waiting can be a killer, too. All PlayStation Network users will be able to get hold of the God Of War: Ascension single player demo today, where you take on the role of Kratos once again to escape the epic Prison of the Damned.

In this God of War: Ascension’s demo, you will be able to explore and master the legendary Spartan’s new advanced combat moves, where it will pit you in certain situations such as standing up to a Titanic beast and its infected legions, and when your back is up against the wall, how about unleashing your full Rage in fiery explosions that will actually burn your enemies to ash? There is also the option of impaling your enemies on your chained blades, while using them in combat as living wrecking balls. Plenty of violence and gore to get you going for sure!

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