Google is on a roll. The latest buyout is Channel Intelligence, a consolidated company owned by the ICG Group. Via press release, ICG Group announced today that Channel Intelligence has signed a definitive agreement with Google for $125 million “in cash.” ICG Group says that the buyout process is expected to be finished in Q1 this year. Appearing to be transparent, ICG Group added that it is expected to receive $60.5 million, and that a portion of the proceeds will be escrowed. In case you didn’t know, Channel Intelligence specializes in product e-commerce, and is offering a wide variety of marketing and shopping services to online retailers including Best Buy and Staples.

Channel Intelligence isn’t new to Google, as the company is already a featured Google Shopping launch partner, developing technologies for Google that has helped numerous merchants maximize sales and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) with Product Listing Ads (PLAs). “For over ten years, we have focused on making it easy for consumers to find and buy products online and help our clients grow their business. We’ve worked with Google for years, and look forward to the great things we will be able to do together,” Channel Intelligence said.

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