At the end of last month, we did mention that Google Maps for the Nintendo Wii U was delayed, but thankfully, the waiting period was not all that long, as it has been reliably reported that Google Maps with Street View has finally found its way to the Nintendo Wii U mothership this month. Just how will the reception of Wii Street U that is Powered by Google be like in Japan? Only time will tell, but we do acknowledge that making it available for free all the way through the end of May this year is a marketing masterstroke. Keep folks hooked to a particularly good service for a while, and start charging them for it afterwards normally works. Basically, once the calendar goes beyond May, you will need to fork out a fee to gain access to the service’s Panorama View-like feature that will take advantage of the Wii U GamePad for 360-degree perspectives.

If you do not feel like parting with any more money simply because you cannot afford to do so, then there are always the traditional services to fall back on, and they are plain and Street View maps that can be see on the TV. US release dates or pricing details have yet to be determined, but this does not mean that we cannot hope and wait in full and eager anticipation.

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