Google+ Sign In: One Sign In To Rule Them All

There is the spanking new Google+ Sign-In that offers a simple and secure manner to ensure that you will be able to enjoy a better overall experience across a slew of Google services, while doing away with nasty social spam that is has been touted by some to be a First World problem. Simplicity and security is the name of the game, where each time you sign in to one of Google’s services (Gmail, YouTube, etc), you can use your current credentials to sign in to apps that are outside of Google’s sphere.

To do this, review the Google+ permissions screen by taking stock of the data that you are sharing with the app itself, as well as folks who can check out your activity, and you’re good to go. Google+ Sign-In will be accompanied by relevant protections and safeguards that your Google account is equipped with. This allows you to be more careful with who you share information with, too, as Google+ will not allow apps to spray “frictionless” updates throughout the stream, making app activity appear only when it is relevant. Better living through the new Google+ Sign In, have you given it a go yet?

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