Google’s stock closed at a record high of $800 yesterday. This is the first time a technology company has passed the $800 mark. It seems that the rumors of a Google store opening by the end of 2013 came down positively in Wall Street. The stocks for Google have jumped 14 % since the begging of 2013.

Google’s stock was at $700 in October 2007, and then the economy collapse happened. Nonetheless Google’s management changed in 2011 with Larry Page becoming the CEO and has given the company a boost of almost 35 % since his taking over the seat.  It seems that while Apple is tumbling down with a decrease of about $230 billion since September last, Google has been on the rise. Google creates the Android software, but distributes it to other mobile phone makers such as Samsung and HTC. This has helped manufactures cut the cost of smartphones and have been able to create stiff competition for Apple iPhones.

Google it seems has a long way to go and there is still space for going upwards. Especially with the leadership of Larry Page, the company should be in the headlines for more days to come.

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