[MWC 2013] Earlier this year, we were introduced to the Tethercell, which is a AA-battery housing that allows users to control their battery-powered devices from a smartphone application. We were completely impressed by the accessory due to its ability to perfectly fit any device that requires batteries.

It looks as though we weren’t the only ones who were extremely impressed with the Tethercell as they were recently recognized as being the “Prototype of the Year” as part of the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. Bluetooth SIG’s CMO Suke Jawanda said “the Tethercell is the world’s first app-enabled battery controller – it capitalizes on Bluetooth’s tiny footprint, low implementation cost and the extremely low power consumption of Bluetooth Smart to give users mobile control over battery powered devices – it is a fascinating prototype, capturing all that is possible with Bluetooth.”

During our time at Mobile World Congress this year, we took some time out to sit down with Tethercell’s co-founder Kellan OConnor to learn more about the Tethercell. Lucky for you, we had our camera on hand and captured a short demo video for you to check out this amazing device for yourself.

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