I believe it was Trekkie Monster from the broadway show Avenue Q that said “The Internet is for porn,” although Iceland is looking to ban pornography completely as they say the explicit online images are a threat to the children of its country.

Advisor to Iceland’s Interior Minister Halla Gunnarsdottir says many of the country’s experts ranging from those in education, emergency services and others that work with children have come together to work on the banning of Internet pornography.

Officials are looking how to exactly block out Internet pornography from being accessed in Iceland, which Gunnarsdottir says “surely if we can send a man to the moon, we must be able to tackle porn on the Internet.” We’ve been completely unaware Iceland even had a space program, but if they say they’ve put a man on the moon, who are we to say they didn’t.

Iceland has already banned strip clubs and the printing and distribution of pornogrpahy which the country now needs to update its laws in order to block Internet pornography. If Iceland is able to carry out the blocking of Internet pornography, it would become the first Western democracy to do so.

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