With the power and capabilities of our tablets these days, would it be fair to compare them to PCs? Well research firm Canalys seems to think so, and according to their latest report which combines the sales of Apple computers and tablets, Apple has roughly sold about 27 million computers during Q1 2013, owning 20.1% of the PC market which leads Canalys to dub Apple as the largest PC maker in the world. However it should be noted that other research firms like IDC and Gartner distinguish between the PC and tablet market, so really we guess it’s just a matter of perception.

To put this into context, rival firms like Lenovo managed to sell 14.8 million PCs, while HP shipped 15 million, giving them 11% and 11.2% of the market share respectively. Samsung’s combined PC and tablet sales gave them 9%, while Dell on the other hand managed 9.7 million desktops shipped, giving them about 7% of the market. What do you guys make of this? Do you think it’s fair that tablets are lumped together with PCs, especially since a lot of people are starting to use tablets for productivity purposes, web surfing, reading and even gaming?

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