What do you think of news, or rather, rumors, of Apple’s supposed iWatch? I suppose if there is a company that could reinvent the wheel, most folks would place their bets on Apple, but with their recent stock price going south while rival’s Google breaks the $800 mark quietly without any fanfare, perhaps it is time to explore the possibility that Apple planted leak of the iWatch on purpose. Consider the facts – three major news organizations got the scoop within a space of a few days between each other, but the scoop is more or less empty rhetoric, without any concrete information concerning the iWatch revealed other than the fact that Emperor Palpatine, er, I mean, Apple is behind it.

Could it be a strategy by Cupertino to tell the world that they are working on a smart watch, since whispers of a similar device by Samsung has already hit the news in January itself? At least one analyst claims this was done “out of desperation” on Apple’s part to show the world that they do not depend solely on the iPad and iPhone to survive. We are not quite sure what to make of the 100-strong iWatch team, though.

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