It was just yesterday when we reported on Burger King’s official Twitter account being hacked early in the morning, and the pranksters there decided to tweet the entire world that the fast food chain was being bought over by McDonald’s. Well, a somewhat similar situation has occurred today, and the transportation industry is involved this time around, as Jeep’s Twitter account was hacked, with its logo being taken down and replaced by the Cadillac emblem.

Briefly earlier this morning, followers of Jeep’s Twitter account would most probably have been shocked to see the Cadillac emblem appear, no thanks to a group of mischievous hackers. Apart from the logo change, there was also a tweet that mentioned that Jeep had been sold to General Motors. It was sometime around 3pm when Chrysler regained control of their own Twitter feed, and said, “Thanks for all the heads up on one of our brand accounts. The team is on it. It’s good so many of you have our back!” Looks like the worst is over, huh?

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