So, you have a great love for water sports, and are always on the lookout for the latest thing to keep your adrenaline pumping? Perhaps you might want to check out the first electric jet body board in the world, where it is known as Kymera, and is small enough to fit in just about any vehicle. Not only that, since it is meant for use in the water, it will have to be light enough to be carried by hand, which it thankfully is. Powered by electricity and tipping the scales at a relatively lightweight 48 lbs, the Kymera might resemble an ordinary body board, but it will feature an electric motor that runs off a lithium ion battery, allowing you to use the Kymera to get around waves at 30mph for nearly an hour before the battery fizzles out.

The Kymera is the idea of California-based designer Jason Woods, where it is not only innovative but eco-friendly as well, and has ended up as a Kickstarter project. Hence, if you want to see the Kymera come into life, you might want to drop by to give it a boost financially, helping turn dreams into reality.

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