[Editor’s Note: This video contains some NSFW language.]

Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire was quite a unique gaming experience as it was heavy on the sleuthing and light on the action. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bad game as I enjoyed my time with the game very much and have nothing but fond memories of not only the game itself, but the amazing motion-capture technology that was used.

As great as the motion-capture technology was for L.A. Noire, humans are imperfect and have a tendency to mess up from time to time when they’re made to perform the same routine over and over again. Thankfully, when creating L.A. Noire, someone decided to create an in-game blooper reel that transferred the actors’ blunders onto their in-game characters, which makes this to be a unique blooper reel.

You’ll witness a number of moments where a voice actor’s tongue suddenly propels out of their mouth as they mess up a line, make weird faces and even comment on what we assume was the passing of gas from one of the voice actors.

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