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Leaked iPhone 5S Images Show Off Identical Look To iPhone 5

Has it been over an hour since there’s been an Apple-related rumor? We’ll fix that right away with this latest rumor of the iPhone 5S.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen leaked photos of the alleged iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Today, we’re seeing another photo possibly leaking the iPhone 5S’ sweet, sweet innards coming from Chinese website Zol.com.cn.

The leaked images show the alleged front and rear panel of a pre-production iPhone 5S. As an analyst reported last week, the iPhone 5S seems to look identical to the current iPhone 5. Seeing how the 3GS and 4S looked identical to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 respectively, the iPhone 5S resembling the iPhone 5 wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point.

Seeing how a number of rumors pop up for upcoming iOS devices on a regular basis, it’s hard to confirm the legitimacy of each rumor. But at this point, we’d have to wonder why anyone would leak images of anything that wasn’t the next iPhone when you consider just how hungry Apple fans are to hear the latest rumor in regards to a next iPhone, no matter if it turns out to be true or false.

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