[MWC 2013] The folks over at LG have decided to light up MWC this year with more than just their fair share of smartphone announcements, having demonstrated what is touted to be the first wireless Ultra HD transmission technology in the world. In a nutshell, it enables users to watch smartphone content on Ultra HD TVs, although you can more or less say that such technology is overkill at the present moment, considering smartphones themselves have recently “migrated” to Full HD displays for flagships recently, and to tote an Ultra HD movie file on your smartphone would certainly take up oodles of space, don’t you think so?

I guess the reason behind parading this technology is very simple – because LG can. The possibilities down the road will definitely be an enticing one, as this next generation mobile feature will allow users to view games and other kinds of smartphone content on Ultra HD TVs in real time, all without the need for a normal cable, helping you live out the wireless lifestyle.

LG claims that their Wireless Ultra HD Transmission system will also consume less than half the power of other similar transmission technologies, and this is made possible courtesy of the smartphone’s CPU that works in tandem with other hardware resources.

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