Some of us would love to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy whenever things or a situation goes sour for us, but others might not have the kind of monetary capability at this point in time to go shopping, resorting to just window shopping. Technology intends to bring window shopping to a whole new level with the Marionettebot, which is a traditional mannequin that was specially engineered to mimic the movements of passers-by, as they remain in front of the window while having fun interacting with the display.

Japanese fashion brand United Arrows designed the Marionettebot, and this is made possible courtesy of a Kinect device alongside 16 wires that have been strategically attached to motorized parts of the mannequin’s body. This enables it to move in tandem with the motions of the person standing right in front of it. Such holographic versions might end up being extremely popular down the road, who knows? Still, it has generated a fair amount of attention on behalf of United Arrows, and other fashion houses might want to take a closer look at the Marionettebot’s application.

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