One of the selling points of Nokia’s Lumia series of Windows Phone handsets is that it is affordable. This helps Nokia gain a pricing advantage over their more expensive Android and Apple rivals. It looks like Nokia is hoping to gain a bigger advantage as far as the IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa) region is concerned and has revealed that the Finnish company would be further adjusting its prices of their Lumia range to make them more affordable.

The reason behind this is because unlike countries like the US or the UK, mobile devices in IMEA tend to be unsubsidized by carriers. Instead customers will have to buy a phone independently if they wish to own it, as opposed to buying it at an extremely low price but be tied to a contract. Since this is usually the case in the IMEA region, Nokia has decided to lower the prices of their Lumia phones to make them more accessible to the general public. We doubt Nokia will be bringing this practice to the US, but one can always hope, right? Would you be more inclined to purchase a Nokia Lumia device if it were even cheaper than they are now?

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