Last week, NVIDIA highlighted its Project SHIELD in the first video of its PC Mondays series by showing us how exactly the device will sync up with your PCs. The process was easier than we originally anticipated as it took very little effort to get the PC version of Borderlands 2 up and running through Steam.

One concern people had regarding the demo was how exactly non-Steam games would play. This week’s video highlights playing non-Steam games, one of which is EA Games’ Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

In order to play your non-Steam PC game on Project SHIELD you’ll need to set up your GeForce GTX-enabled PC with NVIDIA’s GFE, which doesn’t stand for Girlfriend Experience, but GeForce Experience. Project SHIELD will be able to detect all of the games that are currently available on your PC and display them within SHIELD’s application.

After showing us how it works, NVIDIA’s Social Media Editor Will Park couldn’t help but show us a bit of the gameplay experience on Project SHIELD, which once again looks flawless and completely in sync with the action happening on the PC.

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