You have got to give the Japanese credit where credit’s due, and throw out all conventional thinking about the water cooler at the office. Why settle for that when there is the One Shot Miso Soup dispenser? This is one miniature technological wonder that hails from Japanese miso soup maker Marukome, where it will target action at smaller restaurants, cafeterias and perhaps even to replace the water cooler at offices, serving anywhere from 50 to 100 bowls of miso soup each day.

Cleverly named “Wan Shot” (“wan” is Japanese for “soup bowl”, and you know what it means in English when pronounced as it is, too) , the One Shot Miso Soup dispenser will take pre-packed miso soup pouches and add some hot water to deliver a tasty yet healthy snack. Not only that, you have over eight varieties of miso soup to choose from, making sure that the daily grind at work will not be complemented by the very same miso soup, day in, day out.

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