It was just in October of 2012 when the U.S. Department of Defense, or rather, as some others prefer to refer them to as the Pentagon, claimed that they have plans in the pipeline to use both iOS and Android devices officially within its communications networks. Well, folks over at the Pentagon are more specific this time around, having confirmed that they will begin to open up their networks for the mentioned mobile devices from February next year onwards.

Bloomberg reported that the Pentagon intends to have their employees gain the flexibility of using commercial products on its systems, where among them will include its classified network. The Pentagon also has every intention of developing a military mobile applications store while hiring a contractor in order to construct a system which could one day handle up to a whopping 8 million devices, now how about that? I guess BlackBerry’ 470,000 devices being used by the Pentagon will soon be headed for the scrap heap. Do expect to see more iPads, iPhones, and perhaps Galaxy S3 devices roaming the hallways of the Pentagon from next year onwards.

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