They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. Well, what better way to put that to the test than with a quantifiable experiment? A team of researchers from the University of Surrey has decided to send a smartphone all the way into space from India, and intend to make use of a specially developed app in the smartphone to test this particular theory which was immortalized in the film Alien. The handset will play several screams that were the contributions of folks online, where this test will then keep tabs on the durability levels of standard commercial components in space.

Apart from that, it will also be an opportunity to test a couple of new innovative propulsion systems, with the first being called Warp Drive (Water Alcohol Resisto-jet Propulsion De-orbit Re-entry Velocity Experiment) that relies on the ejection of a water-alcohol mixture to deliver thrust, while the other is pulsed plasma thrusters technology that falls back on the use an electric current to heat and evaporate a material, resulting in a charged gas which will then be accelerated in a singular direction in a magnetic field so that the satellite can be pushed in the opposite direction. Of course, no one is expecting the smartphone to return to earth…

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